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Season of the Witch

January 29, 2011

Season-of-the-Witch-posterDirector: Dominic Sena
Writer: Bragi F. Schut
Producer: Alex Gartner 
Starring: Nicholas Cage/Ron Perlman/Robert Sheenan/Christopher Lee/Stephen Graham 
Year: 2011
Country: US
BBFC Certification: 15
Duration: 98 minutes

This is the first time I have sat through a terrible movie in 2011 and to think, I was just beginning to enjoy the streak of brilliant movies 2011 offered. Season of the Witch is definitely one of the worst movies of the year and we’re only in January. When Behman returns from the Crusades, he must transport a young girl, who is thought to be a witch and behind the plague and evil-doings, to a remote place where she will be burnt. There is hardly anything good to say about this movie at all as throughout the movie, it is dull and quite stupid in a few places and so I shall get the positives out of the way first. Season of the Witch had some nice scenery shots and the last fifteen minutes of the movie was entertaining, even if it did go on for far too long and was predictable with bad special effects. Now that the positives are out of the way, time for everything else. All through Season of the Witch, there were times you’d let out an exhausted sigh, there were times when you rolled your eyes when you saw the cliché and predictable moments and there were times when you just wanted to stop watching the movie halfway through and ask for your money back as there weren’t any good stand-out moments or anything you could take away. The characters were just shells, there’s literally nothing to them and there’s no personality or character development at all, you couldn’t care what happened to them and you weren’t bothered what they were doing or what they were going to do. Another really irritating thing about Season of the Witch is that everything the characters went through were ridiculously cliché and sometimes even random, it felt like the writers had written some of the characters in random scenes just so they could introduce them without explanation.

Nicholas Cage and Ron Perlman star as the main characters in Season of the Witch and, although they are both great actors, they were just terrible in this movie, which isn’t really their fault when they are told to perform as rubbish characters that are irritating to the core. For example, almost every time there was an action scene and Ron Perlman’s character Felson was involved, he would give out a ‘smart’ one-liner that succeeded only in making you roll your eyes through irritation. If you’re going to write one-liners in a movie, at least make them memorable and don’t make so many of them! Season of the Witch had a story that was just tiring, cliché and overall, very badly written. There were plot holes everywhere, there wasn’t much structure and there were some parts that went on longer than they should have, such as the bridge scene that goes on for five minutes or so (you’ll know which one I’m talking about if you decide to see this). The special effects was also quite bad as well as it just looked unrealistic and more like something you’d see from a video game and is something that could have been improved. Overall, Season of the Witch isn’t worth the price of a cinema ticket nor is it worth the price to rent it on DVD, this is definitely one to catch on television.

The movie is just way too silly and dumb to even bother thinking about. Every scene as well as every character was forgettable and written poorly and the story was just dull and tedious. If a little more time, love and effort went into making this, this could have been a decent movie but alas, instead, we get Season of the Witch, one of the worst 2011 has offered so far. Overall, the movie feels like someone had actually casted a curse on it to make it so bloody rubbish and so boring! Avoid like the movie was made by Seltzer and Friedburg!


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