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Paranormal Activity 2

November 6, 2010

Paranormal%20Activity%202%20poster Director: Tod Williams
Writer: Michael R. Perry/Christopher Landon/Tom Pabst/Oren Peli
Producer: Oren Peli/Jason Blum/Akiva Goldsman
Starring: Katie Featherston/Micah Sloat/Brian Boland/Sprague Grayden/Molly Ephraim/Tim Clemens 
Year: 2010 
Country: US
BBFC Certification: 15
Duration: 91 minutes

There’s a saying that can fully describe my feelings for this movie: “Lightning doesn’t strike twice in the same place”. Paranormal Activity is definitely one great movie and nobody can take that away from the makers but unfortunately, Paranormal Activity 2 is nothing more than a pointless sequel that has nothing new to offer. Paranormal Activity 2 is actually a prequel to Paranormal Activity and this time, it’s about the relatives of Katie (who was in the first movie) who experience a break-in and find their place trashed and so they set up security cameras to make sure they catch the burglars in action only to find spooky things happening around the house. There’s loads of things wrong with Paranormal Activity 2 but there’s one minor detail that made it most unbelievable and that is the security cameras. The family have experienced somebody breaking into their house and so they install cameras everywhere yet it was never checked unless one of the characters had said something like “Oh my God, look at the camera, there’s something moving things!”. Now I’m sure if you come home to find somebody’s robbed the place and left your stuff all over the place, you’d surely check the cameras you installed, even if it was for a couple of minutes. Instead, it was as if they were wannabe-Ghostbusters and only checked the camera if spooky things happened but I suppose that they did that on purpose so they could actually make a movie and not reveal things too soon. The thing with Paranormal Activity 2 is that it’s not as scary or even as original as it’s predecessor.

The actors and actresses who had taken part in Paranormal Activity 2 were great and believable but unfortunately, I didn’t care for any of the characters and I weren’t exactly bothered like I was for Katie and Micah in Paranormal Activity. The writing of Paranormal Activity 2 is almost the same as Paranormal Activity except with different characters. Paranormal Activity 2 may please some people but I didn’t find this entertaining like I did with the first. Instead I found it to be slow, repetitive and not scary at all. I did jump a couple of times but that was mainly because whenever a scare happened, there was always a loud noise so it wasn’t actually anything to do with what you were watching. Paranormal Activity 2 not only fails to be a worthy sequel to its predecessor but it also fails as a stand-alone movie and fails to deliver anything new. Overall, the movie itself is just a big fail.

Paranormal Activity 2 is quite disappointing mainly because it’s very slow and does what the first movie has already done. If you want to watch Paranormal Activity 2, I advise you rent or buy Paranormal Activity since it’s just copies 95% of the things from the first movie. I think another thing that didn’t help the movie was how everybody wasn’t sure whether Paranormal Activity was real or fake and after finding out it was fake, a sequel was released and I think it didn’t have that same impact or feeling of reality because it was confirmed that it was not real. I think that could have damaged the movie in terms of it being scary. Paranormal Activity 2 should not have been made at all, there’s no point in having another movie other than to make money. Paranormal Activity worked better as a stand-alone movie and I just hope there’s no Paranormal Activity 3 planned.


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