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July 7, 2010

Director: John McTiernan
Writer: Jim Thomas/John Thomas 
Producers: Joel Silver/Lawrence Gordon/John Davis 
Starring: Arnold Schwarzenegger/Carl Weathers/Elpidia Carrillo/Bill Duke
Year: 1987
Country: US
BBFC Certification: 18
Duration: 107 minutes

In the remote jungle of a Central American country, an elite group of commandos led by Major Dutch Schaeffer (Arnold Schwarzenegger), embarks on a CIA mission to clear out a guerrilla stronghold and rescue the remaining hostages. However, the hunters become the hunted when a highly intelligent, otherwordly being slowly and methodically starts killing off members of Dutch’s team. Possessing a chameleonlike camouflaging ability and a deadly alien arsenal, the creature tracks down the soldiers one by one.


Since the movie Predators is going to be released next week, I shall be watching Predator, Predator 2, Aliens vs. Predators and Aliens vs. Predators 2: Requiem so let’s start where it all started, with Arnold Schwarzenegger. The story is great and well written, it really kept your attention throughout the movie because you really wanted all of the characters to escape or kill the Predator. The characters were also done well as each of them had their own personalities and you cared what happened to them, which is fantastic in a movie. The acting was brilliant however there were a couple of parts that were mediocre but it doesn’t spoil the film in any way. The direction is great, the writing is well done and the special effects were done well, considering this movie is from the eighties. Overall though, Predator is a winner.

The last time I saw this movie, I was eight years old and it was on the television one night and I vaguely remembered it but after watching the movie again, it’s a mystery to me how I didn’t remember it because it’s such a brilliant movie. Arnold Schwarzenegger was brilliant as Dutch and the rest of the cast played their parts great, even if there were a couple of shaky moments. I just loved how you really cared for the characters and how you cared if they lived or died. The special effects were great and it was good to see a bit of eighties’ special effects, it just shows how much times have changed. I also liked how the movie was set in the jungle where you could easily get Now, judging by the review I’ve just written, you’d say that there was hardly anything wrong with the movie, right? Wrong. There were a couple of scenes that bugged me but I’m pretty sure wouldn’t bug others and I can’t say what they are without spoiling however, this kind of spoiled the movie for me a little but I doubt it would for you. That’s my only negative about it but this movie did have some great memorable scenes. If you like science-fiction horror movies, you need to pick this up because this would be a must-watch!  

A fantastic sci-fi horror movie that has me looking forward to watching the second one. Definitely one you could watch again!


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