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Freddy vs. Jason

May 6, 2010

Director: Ronny Yu
Writers: Damian Shannon/Mark Swift
Producer: Sean S. Cunningham
Starring: Robert Englund/Kelly Rowland/Monica Keener/Zack Ward/Jason Ritter 
Year: 2003
Country: US
BBFC Certification: 18
Duration: 97 minutes

Freddy Krueger is in hell – literally. It’s been nearly ten years since Krueger, one of the scariest horror movie characters of all time, invaded peoples’ dreams to exact his deadly form of revenge and murder. But now, his memory has been systematically erased by a town determined to put an end to Freddy once and for all. Potential victims have been drugged to prevent them from dreaming, rendering impotent the master of nightmares. They’ve eliminated their fear of Freddy, absolute torture for an egomaniac psychopath who’s a legend in his own mind. Like an inmate with a life sentence, Freddy’s been reduced to plotting a fantastic revenge that will never happen. Until, that is, Freddy resurrects Jason Voorhees, an equally iconic madman. Jason is the perfect means for Freddy to once again instil fear on Elm Street, creating a window of opportunity for him to emerge from his purgatory. Recognizing how easily manipulated Jason is, Freddy tricks Voorhees into journeying to Springwood to start a new reign of terror. But as the bodies begin to pile up on Elm Street and Freddy’s fearsome reputation assumes new life, he discovers that Jason isn’t willing to cease his murderous ways and step aside so easily. Now, with a terrified town in the middle, the two titans of terror enter into a horrifying showdown of epic proportions, alternating between the world of dreams and the harsh reality of the living world. Who will win and who will lose in this battle to end all battles?

Place your bets”

So Freddy vs. Jason is the last in the Nightmare collection before the new one is released but is Freddy a match for the Crystal Lake Killer Jason Voorhees? The story isn’t very strong at all but it’s good the way they tied the Nightmare series and the Friday the 13th series, it was entertaining and fun to watch. The characters were good but you didn’t care for the teenagers at all, not because they were poorly written but because you wanted to see Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees battle it out to see who would officially be the King of Horror. The acting was mediocre except for Robert Englund who, yet again, played Freddy brilliantly and really made the character his own. The actors did a good job but the teenagers look like they should have left school, they look a little older however, they did an okay job in playing their characters. The special effects were good and the gore scenes were executed well and the nightmares were great to watch.

This is a really enjoyable movie. It’s one of those movies that shouldn’t be taken too seriously as it’s just made for horror fans who have faithfully followed either the Nightmare movies or the Friday the 13th movies and they will love it. I think other people who have never watched the movies might see this as another hack-and-slash movie. The script is a little bit cheesy as Freddy gives out some cheesy-but-funny one-liners before his kills. Overall, I think it’s a bit of fun that shouldn’t be taken seriously. It’s not going to win any awards for anything and it’s definitely not up for the best movie ever but it’s just a movie to watch where you can switch off your brain for an hour and a half and relax.

For a horror movie, I wouldn’t say this is scary in the slightest, just gory. This is a horror fan’s dream come true but I think people who haven’t followed either series will find it mediocre.

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