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DOA: Dead or Alive

March 26, 2010

 Director: Corey Yuen
Writers: J.F Lawton/Adam Gross/Seth Gross
Producers: Paul W.S. Anderson/Jeremy Bolt
Starring: Jaime Pressly/Holly Valance/Sarah Carter/Natassia Malthe/Devon Aoki
Year: 2006
Country: US
BBFC Certification: 15
Duration: 87 minutes

Based on the popular video game, DoA: Dead or Alive finds three high-kicking females competing in a martial arts tournament on a secluded island. The women include wrestler Tina Armstrong, jewel thief Christie Allen, and Japanese princess Kasumi. Although initially rivals, the trio are forced to work together in order to defeat a malevolent force. DoA: Dead or Alive is quite a good movie but you can tell it’s pretty much going to be two thumbs-up for men. The story is pretty basic and doesn’t really go into much detail but it’s good and it’s mildly entertaining. In the games, the characters have their own individual stories so the movie is different to the game but the movie works.  The acting isn’t bad although there were times when it could have been much better.

The actress who stood out to me was Jaime Pressly who was pro-wrestler Tina Armstrong, I thought she gave out a great performance and it was nice to see her in this movie. However the same can not be said for Devon Aoki who lacked showing any emotion as Kasumi. The characters were fantastically done and stuck to the game brilliantly and they also look like their characters too so that was also a plus. The cinematography and the camerawork were very well done and the choreography for the fight scenes were brilliantly executed.

As a fan of the Dead or Alive games, I can safely say that this is better than most video game movies out there. It might lack a plot but it’s not a film to be taken too seriously, it’s just a no-brainer fun movie. I liked seeing Jaime Pressly in the movie as I am a big fan of My Name is Earl. There are reviews out there that mostly say that this movie is for the men and I have to say, I can’t really disagree. From hot women fighting in bikinis most of the time to Jaime Pressly and Holly Valance getting a little close, I doubt that the female audience would like it as much as the male audience would. I felt that it needed more of a story and a plot but it’s nice to actually see a movie that hasn’t got much of a story and still find it fun. If you’re expecting a movie masterpiece, you will seriously be disappointed but if you’re expecting a movie that’s fun, then go and watch this. It’s one for fans of the game and…most of the male audience!


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