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The Final

March 21, 2010

Director: Joey Stuart
Jason Kabolati
Producers: Stephanie Ferguson/Jason Kabolati
Starring: Mark Donato/Jascha Washington/Lindsay Seidel
Year: 2010
Country: US
BBFC Certification: 15
Duration: 90 minutes

Dane, an awkward student with a deadly vendetta and suicidal tendencies, leads a group of outcasts who plot to avenge the years of humiliation they faced by the popular students at Hohn High School. Employing ideas inspired both from their classes as well as from horror films they watched, the outcasts turn the tables on the popular students who made fun of them. The Final is the latest offer in the teen revenge thriller as outcasts join forces and punish those that have made their lives a living hell. The storyline was decent enough but it had that feeling of déjà vu. The acting was mediocre but the person who outshone the whole cast was Lindsay Seidel who played the quiet-but-dark Emily.

The characters aren’t likeable much except for most of the Outcasts who you feel sorry for. The cinematography was quite decent too and the direction was well done. However, the unfortunate downfall of the movie was the special effects which brought the movie down a little. It’s actually surprisingly a decent horror thriller. It’s creepy in the way that you probably know that there are bullied teenagers in real life who may fantasise about things like this. It’s a shame that there are so many people out there that are like the bullies depicted in this movie and I hope the bullies watch this movie and I  hope it makes them take a step back and think about the harm they actually do to others.

I like teen revenge movies and this reminded me a little of how the early Saw movies used to be with Jigsaw punishing the wrong-doers and making them appreciate their life.  The Final plays on that card but it’s not as smart. However, in saying that, The Final is decent enough and is actually quite a good watch for a low-budget movie. It’s an enjoyable horror thriller that is guaranteed to kill 90 minutes. It’s not the best movie but for a low-budget movie, it’s stepped up to the mark.


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