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Resident Evil: Degeneration

February 27, 2010

Director: Makoto Kimiya
Shotaro Suga 
Hiroyuki Kobayashi/Haruhiro Tsujimoto/Hidenori Ueki
Paul Mercier/Alyson Court 
Year: 2009
Country: Japan/UK/USA/Australia
BBFC Certification:
Duration: 95 minutes

After watching the below-average Resident Evil movies, I prayed that the next Resident Evil movie would actually have something to do with the games. Fortunately for me, and probably many Resident Evil gamers out there, my prayers were answered. Claire Redfield and Leon S. Kennedy, two of the rare survivors of Raccoon City from the video games (shock!), are drawn into the intrigue as the airport in Harvardville comes under attack by a rogue warrior seeking revenge for the death of his family at Raccoon City. And as if the zombies created by the T-virus weren’t enough, the deadly G-virus is also released and creates a new rampaging mutant. Basically a must buy for fans of the game series and the movies and a must watch for those who like zombie movies. I loved how the movie felt like an hour and a half cutscene from a game, it added a really nice touch. The CGI is actually quite impressive for a straight-to-DVD release and I’m sure there are quite a few people out there who would agree to this.

The original voices of the characters from the videogames, I felt, made the movie more original although there were two or three times where the dialogue was just mediocre. The plot and story were great and easy to follow and the flow and timing of the movie was just right. The ending wasn’t rushed at all and I felt that the movie-length was okay, it wasn’t too long or too short. Some of the characters in the movie are quite good and yet there are one or two who you couldn’t really care about. The music was quite good and yet again felt like it came straight out of the games (in a good way).

Overall, it was a great movie but it’s basically one for the gamers. Resident Evil fans (movie or games) would probably adore this movie but if you’re not a fan of any of the games or movies, chances are you might not like it. This reviewer is a fan of the games and this reviewer gives Resident Evil: Degeneration two thumbs-up. Resident Evil: Degeneration shows Resident Evil fans how the movie series really should have been. Roll on Resident Evil: Degeneration 2!


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