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Resident Evil

February 21, 2010

Resident-Evil-4-Afterlife-Movie-Poster Director: Paul W.S Anderson
Paul W.S Anderson
Paul W.S Anderson
Milla Jovovich/Michelle Rodriguez/Eric Mabius
Year: 2002
Country: UK/Germany/France
BBFC Certification: 15
Duration: 100 minutes

Resident Evil is a very successful video game series and eventually there would be a movie made based on the game, the only problem is that it hardly follows the games at all. Based on the games, which I am a big fan of, the Resident Evil movie is nothing more than a zombie action flick with no real characters and a thin story. The film follows an amnesiac Alice, and a Umbrella Corporation military unit, as they attempt to escape a secret underground facility, known as The Hive, which is now overrun with zombies. It’s quite an entertaining movie but the fans of the game may find it disappointing as this doesn’t stick to the games. In fact, the things that this movie and the games have in common is the T-Virus, zombies, the monsters and Umbrella, not the story. The story wasn’t so well-thought but W.S Anderson’s twist on the Resident Evil universe works to an extent. While trying to make the movie his own, it felt like it was driving away from the Resident Evil universe and started being its own movie (which isn’t really such a bad thing). The music added the tension and fitted the action scenes quite well. Resident Evil didn’t exactly have you wanting more but at the same time, it didn’t make you turn it off. There were two or three scenes that were boring and pointless but other scenes were well-executed.


One thing I couldn’t really fault was the acting for some of the actors. Milla Jovovich being the star of the movie and Michelle Rodriguez following close-second were brilliant. Their on-screen ‘friendship’ made it entertaining to watch and also the scenes between Milla Jovovich as Alice and Eric Mabius as Matt was also good. I couldn’t say much for the others like Colin Salmon and Martin Crewes who were just average. The special effects and make-up in the movie were done brilliantly and added such a dark and cold tone. The design of the monsters were done well as were the make-up for the zombies.

The movie ended quite well and wasn’t exactly predictable like some of the scenes in the movie was. The ending wasn’t exactly so shocking that you would remember it but for a movie that was above average, it ended well and it felt like it went smoothly with the movie. It’s an okay movie to watch, nowhere near perfect but still entertaining. While Paul W.S Anderson shows that he could potentially be up there with the great zombie filmmakers, I don’t think he’ll beat George A Romero as King of Zombie Movies just yet. As a game-to-film adaptation, this isn’t disastrous but it’s no Silent Hill.



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