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The Princess and the Frog

February 14, 2010

Director: Steven Lisberger
Writer: Steven Lisberger/Bonnie MacBird 
Producer: Donald Kushner/Ron Miller 
Starring: Jeff Bridges/Bruce Boxleitner/David Warner/Cindy Morgan/Dan Shor
Year: 1982
Country: US
BBFC Certification: PG
Duration: 96 minutes

As a Disney fan and after watching the trailers, I couldn’t wait to watch this movie as I loved Disney 2D movies when I was a child. The Princess and the Frog is classic Disney with a modern touch. It will make you feel like a kid again and will make you take a trip down Memory Lane as to how Disney movies really should be. The movie is about Tiana who dreams about owning her own restaurant. Unfortunately for her, she gets mixed up with Prince Naveen who gets involved with voodoo magic which turns Prince Naveen and Tiana into frogs. This movie has got quite a bit of attention. Tiana has made Disney history by becoming the first princess to be African-American (though technically she isn’t a princess). Also, the movie has caused a bit of controversy in the U.S because of the involvement of voodoo magic, along with the fact that this movie is meant to ‘save’ 2D movies from the computer animated kid’s movies we see now. Home on the Range was the last Disney 2D movie but, let’s admit it, it wasn’t the most memorable Disney movie.

The movie itself is pretty enchanting from start to finish. The story is what you would expect from a Disney film; charming with lessons about working hard to make your dreams come true and it’s what’s on the inside that counts, etc. The characters are loveable from the start and Doctor Facilier, the villain, was fantastic and has proven to be one of the greatest Disney villains to date. The 2D animation was glorious and very colourful and is refreshing to the eyes. The detail that has been put into the characters and the places, especially New Orleans, is stunning. The music is mostly Jazz, Gospel and Blues which originated from New Orleans and the songs will have your toes tapping, especially ‘Friends On The Other Side’.

I would have to say that this is a fantastic animation that proves that animation can be spectacular without the help of CGI. Children and adults will love this movie. With mesmerising animation, great storyline, loveable characters and fantastic music, The Princess and the Frog is one Disney movie you won’t forget for a while.


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