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The Final Destination

January 30, 2010

poster_the-final-destination-poster-bigDirector: David R. Ellis 
Writer: Jeffrey Reddick/Eric Bress
Producer: Craig Perry/Warren Zide 
Starring: Bobby Campo/Shantel Van Santen/Haley Webb/Mykelti Williamson/Nick Zano 
Year: 2009
Country: US
BBFC Certification: 15
Duration: 82 minutes

One of my favourite movies is Final Destination and the others weren’t so bad but the fourth is the worst of the series and is very weak. What was supposed to be a fun, relaxing day at the races with friends turns into a living nightmare for Nick as he has a premonition that a car crash will happen in the race in which debris and flaming car parts will fly into the stands and brutally kill himself, his friends and everyone else. After coming out of his nightmarish premonition, he convinces his girlfriend, his friends and other followers that they would die if they don’t leave the stadium and when they do, his premonition comes true. This is basically yet another repeat of the first Final Destination and offers nothing new except for a different scenario, different characters and new, gory deaths which, in some cases, is quite unnecessary. You could tell the bloody death scenes and the 3D was used to compensate for the repetitive story and the weak characters.

So I’ve seen both 2D and 3D versions and, of course, 3D wins but how was it as a movie? Well, it’s pretty much garbage really. If it wasn’t for the 3D effects and the weird deaths, there isn’t much you can say positive about this addition to the series. The story is pretty much the weakest thing about the movie as it’s more or less same-old, same-old and the plot, which has a few holes in, has been done before. The acting was average, believable in some parts but in other parts, not so much. The characters are pretty much as interesting as watching paint dry. There’s absolutely no faults in the special effects department as it was done very well. It’s amazing in 3D when Nick has his moments of how the people on Death’s List are going to die.

Overall, I pretty much enjoyed it (more in 3D than 2D) for what it was and I think that some or most Final Destination fans will like it too. I wouldn’t go out of my way to buy the DVD but I’d probably rent it again in the future. This is definitely, without a doubt, the worst of the series but it’s not entirely a bad movie and it’s more enjoyable in 3D. This should be the last of the series though otherwise it’d be never-ending like American Pie. Worth watching just for the special effects if anything.

2D: 4/10
3D: 6/10

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