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January 26, 2010

Director: Christopher Smith
Writer: Christopher Smith 
Producers: Jason Newmark/Julie Baines/Chris Brown 
Starring: Melissa George/Liam Hemsworth/Rachael Carpani 
Year: 2009
Country: UK/Australia
BBFC Certification:
Duration: 99 minutes

Triangle wasn’t actually bad at all. Some people have said it was ‘the best horror movie in decades’ but it’s far from it and I wouldn’t exactly call it a horror movie as it’s more a psychological thriller. The movie follows a mother called Jess who goes sailing with Greg and his friends. After sailing for a while, a terrible storm crashes into their boat and takes damage, leaving the gang floating into the unknown. Sailing from nowhere comes a cruise ship called the SS Aeolus so, thinking they are going to be rescued, the gang board the ship only to find nobody is on it. Jess begins to see shadows and hears noises and pretty soon bodies start to pile up. Triangle is quite a good movie in its own right but it’s nowhere near the best horror movie in decades. The idea and concept of the movie is very original and practically should have been oozing with success, however it failed to do just that because of the story. The story itself was very slow and tired and felt like it had been done and used more times than it should have been used. The story started off quite promising and solid however this didn’t follow and sooner rather than later became repetitive and weak. The acting in the movie was great and Melissa George was a pleasure to watch, even if her character Jess was infuriatingly annoying by choosing the wrong choices all the way through the movie. Jess was annoying from the start simply because, all the way through the movie, Jess never lets on who she actually is, all we know is she loves her son and nothing else. This isn’t the fault of Melissa George as I thought she gave out almost a faultless performance but the fault of the writer. The rest of the cast weren’t bad but I think the worst I’ve seen in this movie was Rachael Carpani who played bitchy wife Sally. Her performance was bad.

The movie also seems to think it’s smart even though it’s not that smart at all and expects to escape with some things in a way that the people who watch this movie just won’t get it or understand what has just happened. They would probably think that was because of how the movie is supposed to be therefore they won’t question much of it. Along with the clearly enormous plot holes, there is also one of the most stupidest and unreal endings I’ve seen in quite a while. While it tries to become mysterious and strange, it just doesn’t explain anything leaving you asking questions about the movie with no real answer and not in a good way. The story got boring pretty quickly as soon as she boarded the cruise ship as you see the same action sequences about five times over. Even though the atmosphere for the movie is spot on and the violence was realistic, this is not very scary or creepy like it aimed out to be. I’m sure many people who read this review won’t agree with me at all and they might think it’s one of the most smartest movies since Donnie Darko but it isn’t, not for me anyway.

It’s not the best horror movie of the decade but it’s not the worst either. It’s just all very mediocre. This is just a rental, I wouldn’t go out of my way to watch it again unless you’re truly bothered about figuring everything out.


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  1. June 1, 2010 1:30 pm

    We reviewed this at

    We liked it.

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